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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


In September 2014, a new SEND Code of Practice was issued. This details the new national systems in place for children with SEND. Key points are:


A person-centred approach – conversations with children and families are at the centre of decisions made about SEND provision for children.


Multi-agency working – professionals from different agencies and parents working together to make the best provision for the child.


Changes to categories of SEND – you may have heard the terms ‘School Action’ and ‘School Action Plus’ to describe the level of intervention a child with SEND requires; these are no longer used, there is now only one category: ‘SEND Support’.


Changes to areas of SEND – the four areas are:


• Communicating and Interacting.

• Cognition and Learning.

• Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties (formerly Behaviour, Emotional and Social Difficulties).

• Sensory and/or Physical Needs (formerly Physical, Sensory and/or Medical Needs).

SEND Informaiton

Document Name Date
Hawsker-Access-Plan.pdfOctober 02 2020, 13:36:54
Hawsker-SEN-Policy.pdfOctober 02 2020, 13:36:54
School-Information-Report-in-line-with-the-Special-Educational-Needs.pdfOctober 02 2020, 13:36:54

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